Reviews Bentolit

  • Ingrid
    Gained weight with age. And then a little over a month passed and the weight dropped! Many thanks to those who advised Bentolit. The hunger has decreased significantly, the heaviness of the stomach has disappeared. This is the first drug that has caused a real weight loss of 20 kilograms! The mass took a very long time at first, but then almost 1 kilogram per day.
  • Karin
    Frankly, it is lost to a loved one. He's young and thin, I've been overweight all the time. I just shed over 15kg with the help of the Bentolit drink and then went to the gym. I still drink occasionally when I miss a workout or eat a lot. I advise everyone.
  • Monika
    Excellent product. I found the drink Bentolit on the internet. I have used clay for external and internal use for a long time and it gave the result I wanted. No smell, no lumps, etc. Just a wonderful tool with such effectiveness.
  • Petra
    I only drank Bentolit one course a month. The allergy has gone, the headache has gone in the morning, the skin has refreshed. Quit smoking easily (no craving). Clay is as good as pills that we eat in handfuls, and all of it is natural. Try Don't Be Afraid, Health For Everyone!
  • Sabine
    Feel free to use Bentolit and you will not regret it. Stronger hair and nails, clearer skin, but most of all the weight I was ashamed of was gone. Cleans the intestines. There is always a lot of power and energy. Therefore I can only recommend this remedy.
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